Insider travel tips for Taiwan

Getting around in Taiwan is surprisingly easy. In fact, it is one of those places that I recommend to my not so travel-savvy friends who are looking for a taste of Asia without all the challenges. However, if you know the following handy insights, your trip is guaranteed to be the easiest it can be….

The Ultimate Packing List

How to pack for a yearlong trip is a question not easily answered. Especially if you, like me, are planning to visit different climates and need to accommodate for all sorts of different circumstances: hot, cold, dark, humid, insects – you name it! Initially, you’d think you just pack the usual: clothes, toiletries, accessories. But…

Beautiful Hanami

Get abducted by Japanese people! Admire the cherry blossoms! Drink Sake!

Home: Stockholm.

Before I head out on the road, I want to introduce myself and my current home town: Stockholm.