Location Update – 14. Mar 2020

Update 14. Mar 2020: Stuck in Germany because you know why.

Current location: Germany
Next location: Anywhere (once it’s safe to travel again)

Am I near a location you want to visit? Drop me a line and we’ll meet up!

Update 18. Jan 2020: My first cruise! Flying out to Martinique for a two week excursion.

Update 09. Mar 2019: Returned to Germany because shit happens.

Update 24. Feb 2019: Panama City

Update 05. Feb 2019: Entered Panama via Sixaola. Stayed a few days in Bocas Del Toro. Now in Santa Catalina.

Update 21. Jan 2019: Busy in Costa Rica. Trying to figure out the best way to Panama.

Update 31. Dec 2018: I have booked my first flight! It is now official: my first destination is Costa Rica.


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